If you have a proper infrastructure to market VISUAL ACE-GOLD, you may submit your full particulars to us and we may consider appointing you as our Authorised Dealer for a particular Area. This dealership can be Exclusive or Multiple, depending on our understanding.

As an Authorised Dealer, you will be responsible for the following

  • Marketing & Promoting VISUAL ACE-GOLD in your Area
  • Installation, Training & Supporting your clients
  • Invoicing & Receiving amounts for Software Sales
  • Proper Accounts keeping for VISUAL ACE-GOLD business separately
  • Regular reporting to us for Monthly activities
  • Providing Yearly Maintenance services to your clients
  • Any other responsibilities mutually agreed from time to time

You will be offered attractive Dealer Discounts, based on your volumes of sales, as well as the following benefits -

  • Training on Installations
  • Training on VISUAL ACE-GOLD, to enable you to train your clients
  • Training on Support & Maintenance· Regular Upgrades & Instructions
  • VISUAL ACE-GOLD Installation Kit
  • Direct Support by Modem