VISUAL ACE-GOLD has been designed, developed, marketed and supported by E.B.M. International (EBM), Dubai (United Arab Emirates). A brief profile of EBM is as under:

Brief Profile of E.B.M. International (EBM)


EBM is providing Software Consultancy to its clients since 1993. However, the top Management has been active in the similar field since 1983. It specialises in Software development related to Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Management Information and Decision Support System Analysis, Job-Costing, Payroll & Personnel Management, Fixed Assets Management and other such areas concerning core areas of Business Management of any organisation. EBM provides these solutions for any Size of organisation (Large, Medium, Small), Type (Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Job-Work Co's, Service Co's etc) or Nature of Business (General Trading, Jewellery, Electronics, Textiles, Garments, Spares, Hardware, Foodstuff, Building Material, Interior Decoration, Industry, Fabrication etc). EBM has readymade software which is totally open-ended, fully customisable to suit any specific requirements.

In the world famous Jewellery market of Dubai, EBM has more than 95% marketshare for its most popular VISUAL ACE-GOLD accounting software. Almost the whole Jewellery market is using VISUAL ACE-GOLD for more than a decade.

EBM is well supported by its associate company - Kant & Clients Auditing & Chartered Accountancy, Dubai & Sharjah, to develop software which are well appreciated by qualified professionals like Chartered Accountants or Management Graduates. EBM believes and practices on the concept that qualified Chartered Accountants and Management Graduates, with strong Systems knowledge, are the best people to conduct/supervise System Study, Design, Co-ordinate the Development, Testing, Training, Implementation and Support cycle of any financial / accounting/ business management software.

Apart from Software Consultancy, EBM Group provide other Professional Services - Internet Designing & Development, Management Consultancy, Financial Consultancy, Auditing and Accounting etc.


E.B.M. International (EBM),
Office # 837,
Al Ghurair Center (Office Tower),Deira
P.O. Box 40234,
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Tel : (009714) 2237270, 2234787
Fax : (009714) 2281411
Mobile : (0097150) 4567077, 4567066
Email :
Internet :


Kant & Clients Auditors & Chartered Accountants
Office # 838,
Al Ghurair Center (Office Tower),
Deira P.O. Box 40324,
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Tel : (009714) 2212168
Fax : (009714) 2215159
Mobile : (0097150) 4567077
Email :
Internet :

Kant & Clients Auditors & Chartered Accountants
P.O. Box 21843,
Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
Mobile : (0097150) 6450359
Fax : (009714) 2281411
Email :
Internet :

8.00am to 12.30pm & 3.00pm to 7.30pm; Saturday to Wednesday
8.00am to 12.30pm & 1.30pm to 6.00pm; Thursday
EBM TEAM E.B.M. International is well supported by professionals including Chartered Accountants, Management Graduates, System Analysts and Engineers. EBM Group Staff strength, including specialist Retainers ranges from 20 to 30, depending on the projects at any given time. There is facility for all EBM staff to communicate through Email (within and outside the office). Each new member in EBM family goes through an Induction program followed by refresher training, seminars and Group Discussion from time to time, as per the manpower development plan followed by it. Every member has access to Internet for updating his knowledge on the latest development in his relevant field, participating in professional groups & discussions and developing a database of important source of various professional information.

EBM office is situated in Office complex - Al Ghurair Center - in the heart of the Deira, Dubai. EBM has a world-class infrastructure to be able to provide an efficient and qualitative service to its clients. EBM has a centralized network of 120 points structurally cabled to carry voice, video and data simultaneously.

The nerve center is a rack-mounted cabinet with latest server, switches, patch-panels, Intelligent UPS, Tape Backups etc. EBM has 3 conference rooms one large and 2 medium sized for holding meetings between the staff, clients and vendors.

The conference rooms are equipped with latest Projectors, OHPs, Laptops, Presentation Screens, White Boards, etc. EBM has a total of 24 cubicles, 16 open-sitting areas and 7 management cabins. EBM has 2 receptions & waiting area, one kitchen, communication room and filing area.

EBM has total 30 telephone/mobile/fax/internet/ISDN lines to support its clients and service levels. EBM has a total of 50 computers, 5 laptops, 50 telephones, 6 printers, 3 faxes, Projectors, OHPs, 2 refrigerators, water dispensers, kitchen equipments, cleaning equipments. EBM has 100 user-licences from Microsoft and various other software for its purpose. Its computers are protected from virus and hacking. EBM has a complete collection of Books/Magazines/Publications/CDs related to its work.

CLIENT-BASE EBM provides professional service to more than a 1000 clients, in over 20 countries, from their 3 offices in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the client-base is concentrated in the Middle East, but there are clients all over the world.

"Give your best to the world,
and the best would come back to you "